The Boatshed organisation is clearly aware of the challenges for everyone as the situation around Covid-19 (Coronavirus) develops. Our first responsibility is for the safety of our customers and team.
Boatshed technology and processes have been developed specifically for remote working and selling boats at a distance. We continue to monitor the situation carefully and our sales processes and brokerage service continue as normal.
We are still selling boats, our technology, marketing and efforts continue unabated during these difficult times.

Our experience based on current buyers and sellers behaviour.
We have reports of some customers buying boats as part of their ultimate "Pandemic Plan."
Buy a boat now, Escape and anchor up in a quite bay away from people, live on on a houseboat for a while, go sailing offshore to a tropical destination, or moor up for a few months and enjoy a floating private island with you and your family.
Most boats are now fully self sufficient, equipped with solar and wind charging, water-makers, and a galley with cooking and refrigeration systems to equal any small home. Once provisioned these boats can accommodate a family, either moored up or sailing along, for weeks or months at a time.
Even if you have never owned a boat before, training is simple to undertake and ownership is more economical than many people think.

Equally we know of many boat owners who are taking a proactive approach to selling their boats during these difficult times. Boat are still selling and owners of certain boats are still finding themselves with the upper hand as regards price negotiation.
With this in mind, some boat owners are being objective, thinking of their boat as a financial asset rather than a cherished member of the family. Placing your boat for sale now means financial flexibility and the opportunity to meet commercial challenges should these difficult times continue.

Now might be ideal time to buy or sell your boat!
Boatshed's simple non-exclusive, no sale no fee deal (meaning you can instruct other agents or try to sell the boat yourself) may be the smartest choice during the current crisis.

The Boatshed team want you to know that we are here for you if you need any help during these challenging times.
We cannot promise to find you any toilet rolls or pasta but if you need help or are worried , please reach out to us and where possible we will do our best to help.
Our network of Boatshed people covers 16 countries and over 70 locations. Want us to pop down and see if your boat is OK ?
Need to chat about boat plans or current restrictions on usage ?
Logistics support re looking or taking photographs ?
Or simply feeling lonely and want to talk boats ?

Reach out anytime please :)

Boatshed - Better Together !